Vicki Quade

July 4, 2019 info 0

Vicki Quade Guest Vicki Quade is one of the creators of the international hit comedy, Late Nite Catechism, and has performed regularly on a national […]

Transracial Adoption

June 30, 2019 info 0

Show Topics & Timeline Links Discussed Guest Bios Transcript Adoption Attorney Michelle M. Hughes talks with Faren about the challenges when adopting a child of […]

Michelle M Hughes

June 30, 2019 info 0

Michelle M. Hughes Guest Michelle M. Hughes established her own law firm, the Law Offices of Michelle M. Hughes where her legal practice focuses primarily […]

Tracy Baim

June 30, 2019 info 0

Tracy Baim Guest Tracy Baim is publisher of the Chicago Reader newspaper. She is co-founder and majority owner of Windy City Media Group, which produces […]

Honey West

June 30, 2019 info 0

Honey West Guest With a degree in Musical Theater from Indiana University, entertainer Honey West stars in: • Dirty Dreams of a Clean Cut Kid […]

Toni Armstrong Jr

June 30, 2019 info 0

Toni Armstrong, Jr. Guest Toni appeared on S1E0-Pride 2019. She is an activist in the LGBTQ community, a founding board member of the We Want […]

Julie Starr

June 29, 2019 info 0

Julie Starr Logistics & Marketing More than a decade ago, Julie walked confidently from the racist, patriarchal corporate world that seeks to constrain us and […]

Maegen Rose

June 29, 2019 info 0

Maegen Rose Segment Host, BookTalk Maegen is a middle school librarian. She reviews books for School Library Journal and is a 2020/2021 Coretta Scott King […]


Sneak Peeks

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This is the place where you can hear snippets from upcoming shows just to wet your whistle. The clips are listed in reverse order with […]