F the Police

S1E5: F*!@ the Police

July 29, 2019 info 0

Faren talks with Sonia Lewis of BLM Sacramento about police misconduct, the Blue code of silence, Stephon Clark, and how to protect yourself when confronted with Police inappropriateness


July 22, 2019 info 0

Faren D’Abell talks with Dr. Stephanie McCullough about the psychology of white women voters in America. Are they the ones who will guarantee President Trump a second term?

S1E2 Successful Women

S1E2: Successful Women

July 7, 2019 info 0

Successful women are interviewed about their successful business stories. Tracy Baim of the Chicago Reader, Vicki Quade of Late Nite Catechism, Marilyn Rhames of Teachers Who Pray and Anjali Bidani of Wicked the Musical. BookTalk with Maegen Rose disussing the Coretta Scott King book award and Jacueline Woodson’s book Brown Girl Dreaming