Michelle M Hughes

Michelle M. Hughes


Michelle M. Hughes established her own law firm, the Law Offices of Michelle M. Hughes where her legal practice focuses primarily on adoption, (working with private agencies, independent adoption, co-parent adoption , DCFS, and related adoptions). She is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys; a board member of AMEA (Association of Multiethnic Americans); Co-chair of the Confidentiality Intermediate advisory committee for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services; a member of the Chicago Bar Association Adoption Committee; and former Vice Chair of Cook County Bar Association Adoption Committee. Michelle has been involved with multiracial family organizations for over 15 years and is part of a multiracial family. Since 1991, Michelle has been organizing and conducting seminars on transracial adoption. In 1994, she co-founded Bridge Communications, Inc. specializing in diversity training, with an emphasis on transracial, international and general adoption education, and Biracial identity. Bridge Communications was featured in the film "Outside looking In: Transracial Adoption in America"(2002); and magazine articles in Adoption Today (February/March 2004); and Chicago Magazine (September 1996). She has been quoted regularly in the newspapers and magazines and has been featured on various radio and TV programs concerning issues of transracial adoption and biracial identity. She is a regular speaker for many adoption educational conferences. Additionally, she has testified before the Illinois legislature on multiracial identity and adoption legislation.